The sponsor conversation has been running rampant on social media. It seems every older boyfriend or admirer of a younger lady is considered one.

Scenario 1

Man meets girl. Girl likes man or man likes girl or they both like each other at first site. They enjoy spending time together. Man and girl fall or slip into love. Bae is financially endowed, among other forms of endowment. Man is happy to cater for girl’s expenses. Girl is happy to have nice things.

In the above, the girl does not love the man for his ability to buy nice bags and take her to Enashipai. She loves him because he is sweet and kind. Girl loves his buttery voice that feels soft like cashmere and the way he looks at her when the morning sun illuminates her skin. She loves how at ease they are with each other. Man loves girl because she is smart and quirky. He loves her because she has a big heart(and ass) and she always listens to his dreary work stories.

From the outside this looks like a benefactor-beneficiary relationship but in the confines of their hearts it is something completely different and profound.

Scenario 2

Older man meets young girl. Older man declares his shameless lust for girl. Girl lets older man give her money in exchange for her youthful company and occasional sex. Man goes home to wife in the wee hours of the night and girl retreats back to her dorm, she will meet up with boyfriend tomorrow. In this scenario, there is risk of diseases as older man will entertain other girls when ‘girl’ is on her period.

In my opinion, a sponsor is the man in scenario two. The first one is an actual relationship. It may not seem like it but it is. People may talk and say the scenario 1 guy is a sponsor but those two love each other too much to care what the world thinks. Whichever one you champion for, do you.


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