Those that were tasty turn out sour and bitter sometimes.

Yes! Life has its ups and downs. Good and bad. Cool and weird. I accept that. I know there is a time for me to shine. To rise. And a time to fall.

Why couldn’t I comprehend that evil is within? And some people cannot stay without disappointing others.

Maybe I was young. Maybe my heart was still of a child’s, that was full of compassion and knew that there are arms and chests to lean on.

Was i desperate of what the world offered? Was I naive ? Or i was fully convinced that there are no bad people, just who wish to do good but the devil takes hold of them.

I’m not sure.

When you first came, I was open. I welcomed you with warm hands full of love. I knew that my world wont be lonely. So I let you trespass. I let you in.

For a moment there was light. Then came the word, love. I gave in all of me and waited for you to call. You didn’t fold, you stayed and made me feel blessed.

Life seemed to be my friend. It didn’t crawl in the night when I was asleep with nightmares, but it walked with me in the day. And it seemed like heaven had opened its doors for me. To be honest I was into you. I was for real.

Out of nowhere you hit me at the back of my head. You struck through my back and cut out my heart. You broke my heart like it wasn’t yours to hold and embrace.

It was then that I knew it was over between us. That you broke my heart and  there was nothing that I could do other than cry and wish it shouldn’t be like that.

But thank you. Yes you. You who couldn’t see the importance of my precious little heart. You who made your way through my fallen body with bruises. You who couldn’t pick me up, but left me lying  in pain.

You opened my, my sixth sense, and even seventh ( but I’m not sure what that is).

I feel light like a feather.

I feel i can jump to the sky with no one pulling me back or adding weight in my body.I feel free.

It was through your cruelty that i came to conclude we are not perfect. Some want to be perfect, and others cannot help themselves from being monsters.

I realized that you shouldn’t give in too much. I shouldn’t trust with my eyes closed. They should be open. Love isn’t blind. Its people.

Because not everyone deserves me. Not even a part of me.

Thanks to you. I can see the world better now. I can walk through the crowds with ease. I’m now not afraid to get hurt again, because I’m in control of my life. I get to see the world in my own way, and face what it brings forth. I get to explore.

Now I know you were selfish and greedy, while I was selfless and needy. I’m strong. I picked up the pieces and moved on like nothing ever happened.

Thanks to you who thought that i was never going to find peace. That i was going to drown in my tears and call out your  name again. Hell yeah! It didn’t happen. I walked through the tornado and im still whole and stable. I learnt how to cherish the little, and embrace life.

Thanks to you now im patient and I get to focus on my life.



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