Sometimes you just want to be loved. To have someone to go home to at the end of the day. Someone to share random memes with. Sometimes you just want someone to laze around with on Saturday. How about those random weekend road trips? Sometimes you just want someone to hold you and say nothing. He may say something if he wants. He will know exactly what to say because he knows you so well. This man will come home with work stories and you will hold on to every word. The whole time you will think about how much you have missed them while you were at work.

A couple in love in the sunset on the beach


It has nothing to do with co-dependency. You are perfectly capable of enjoying your own company. However, you just want someone to exchange nasty texts with while you watch fifty shades of grey or at staff meetings, those always suck. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel close to someone. To see the future in someone’s eyes. Sometimes you just want someone to share their life with you.

Off day from singledom

Being single is great. It is tender roast meat with all the trimmings. There are times though that one just wants to have a couple day. Some days you just need an emotional fluffer. A fluffer is a person who keeps the actor aroused between takes when porn is being shot. Gross job that one but what to do.

I suspect this is how girls get themselves in sexual benefit relationships. You enjoy your single life then one day in a moment of weakness you walk right into an arrangement completely different from what you have in mind.