There are several type of men that are basically termed as the future assassinators.They end up wrecking your future and you end up miserable and frustrated. This  men include:

1. The player.

This is the kind of man that is always cheating on you and gives all the lame excusses you can ever imagine. If you catch him more than once sugar run for your life. That is a habit and he will never stop.You might end up nursing aids and baby souveneirs from his baby mamaz.

2. The mouthy.
This is the kind of guy that cannot keep a secret. Best termed as a parrot. You know quite well what this can do to you socially.

3. The violent.
He has hit you severally and every time he does he apologizes and promises not to repeat it again. Are you a drum? By sticking around, its enough to qualify the fact that you are on a suicide mission.

4. The total mamaz boy.

Everything you do is never good and he is evervcomparing you to his mum. Every decision you two make must be aproved by his mother including how many children you should have. Horror is when his mother dislikes you, tben you are finished.

5. The excessive drinker.

He is rarely sober and spends most of his money on drinks others even end up insulting you. Is this the kind of character you would want your children to emulate?

My sister when you meet this kind of man run for your life…Do not say you were not told. Stop thinking you can change a man, look for a good man instead.
By Dama Dee.