Sex is great. Why ruin it with a relationship? This is a sentiment shared by most people in sexually beneficial arrangements. It like getting a loaf of bread with the crust cut out. You get to enjoy the soft middle part without hindrance. Some people like the crust sure but this is for those who don’t. Having a friend with benefits saves one so much time and energy. Instead of wasting your weekend enduring passive aggressive remarks from his mom, you go on a get away with your girlfriends. Then, you come back on Sunday and summon him for a quickie. You do not even have to feed him after because proper casual sex decorum demands that one leaves as soon as they disentangle themselves from you. How great is that? With these relationships being so convenient and popular, some of them can last for years. Like all relationships, this one might lose its sizzle. It gets to a point where the process becomes a little too predictable. Like kiss here, spank there blah blah. You are too lazy to bother meeting someone new but then you want to re-spice this relationship. You like that he already knows your sweet spots but what to do to bring back the adventure and steam?

Numero uno: Toys

Using these can go horribly wrong or they can be the best thing you ever do. Introduce a vibrator or nipple clamps. The toy can even be a person. Have a threesome or foursome. The number of ‘somes’ is really dependent on how brave you are. Be sure however,  not get lost in the sea of nudity and get nothing out of it in the end.

Numero dos: Distance

This man is not your boyfriend. Having a long stand friend with benefits can tangle things up. You may find yourself wanting to invite him for your sister’s baby shower and other boring things which frankly, defeats the purpose of this kind of relationship. Spend as little time with each other as possible. When your bodies finally find their way to each other it will be nothing but overlapping and violent orgasms.

Numero tres: Sex games

Role play, strip poker and other stimulating games. 50 shades of grey it up.

Numero quattro: Give up

If you have to work so hard to kick the boredom out of your casual relationship then maybe you should pull on your g-string and find another partner. The relationship may have run its course. It is not a do or die relationship so why try so hard. The great thing is that you do not even have to have that break-up conversation. You just stop summoning him for sex. Since no bridges were burnt you can fuck him again when you meet at a conference a few years later.