​Don’t date because you tired of being alone, or because all your friends are dating.

 Don’t date because you feel odd. 

Don’t date because of silly reasons, like being afraid of growing old without having love experience. 

Don’t get yourself in relationships without being aware of the benefits and consequences.

You should first know what you are after in a relationship, and your responsibilities.

Weigh and judge. 

Know what to expect.

Relationships are like journeys,  so be prepared. Equip yourself with all the qualities you need.

Don’t get involved in relationships because you think you are an adult. Being an adult doesn’t necessarily grant you any permissions to get into a relationships, but it rather gives you an alternate way of reasoning.

So reason well, scrutinize, and inspect before you decide to get into a relationship.

Don’t rush. Don’t run out of patience.  

You need to be careful, and familiarize yourself with all the things to expect before you submerge into a relationship.

Trust me, people get hurt. Emotionally pain. 

Don’t date because  you have been single for a long for a long time. Time wont wear you out, or dismiss beautiful girls for you to date.

  Don’t date because you are afraid time is running out, and you will still be a bachelor in your old age. 

Don’t date because you are single, or your heart has become heavy to carry. 

Its true we need someone right next to our heart, but that urge shouldn’t make you vulnerable, and prompt you to carelessly get into a relationship.

Don’t get into a relationship because your friends tell you so. Or the society and the people around you put pressure in you.

Don’t do it because everyone dates.

Don’t get into a relationship because scientists and their research says that relationships help in maintaining a good health and reducing stress.

Do it because you are sure you need someone. 

Do it because you want to love.

Do it because you want to spend a memorable time with someone.

 Do it not just for yourself, but also for the one you are going to date. 



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