Mary was here not to break my heart, but to make peace. The worst news was that the next day was her wedding. All she needed was to make peace with her past. She also needed me to attend her wedding.

“I want us to fuck one last time”, She requested firmly. My dead erections resurrected.

“For Real?”, I asked her. I thought she was joking before I said anything Mary grubbed me by nuts and before I knew it, her tongue was in my left ear. All my hair stood up, feeling her hot body and the affection she gave, I did not even think about protection. I felt like I was experiencing fever, I could tell from her vigorous undressing that she really missed this moment. Everything forgotten, we were in another world at this point we were promising each other things we knew we won’t fulfill.

Two hours later we were tired and Mary requested to take a bath, I directed her to where the bathroom was and I was left in the couch feeling like a king. I thought Mary was now fine and ready to leave.

I was wrong. Mary took long to come back that I decided to peep on her, I found her just touching the wall and the worm shower was running over her tender skin, I knew she took long intentionally, she wanted me to join her. The moment I saw her tits my erections started afresh. We had the best moment with shower running on us, I was behind her feeling so sweet that no plain words can explain. She was now saying things I could not understand, like she talking in tongues. We decided to take a rest, I needed something to eat, on the previous night we had cooked chicken and some Indomie. I put the left overs in the microwave chap chap and decided to ask her about her wedding tomorrow. She told me how she planed about this day, how she told the groom she will be running the final rounds to make sure everything is in place only to meet me, but she assured me all is well and that her best friend who dropped her earlier was taking care of everything. Her friend, Ann, was that kind of a friend we all have, that friend we share everything with, she even knew about the plans. After eating, Mary requested for the last round (number 4), I was now recharged “why not!”, I said…



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