It was now time to bless the couple. Ooops! I realized I had forgot to buy a gift for them, there was no time to sneak out. In my wallet I had 10k and a $.100, my boss gave me in the airport. I decided to bless them with the $.100, they will change it later.

Time was running it was now approaching 5:30pm, people were now leaving the venue. I called Ann and told her I wanted to leave.  Ann told me to give her 5minutes to tell Mary about my departure. I gave her the envelope with the $.100 to give the couple.

Three minutes after, Ann was back smiling for the reason she only knew. “You can leave, but before you leave, Let me have your number.” Ann said. I decided to give her my Airtel number and off I left. Kiambu road pap 30minutes I was on Thika road, before I reached globe round about, Ann texted “You are an amazing man with a big heart, I wish u could give me a service like you did to my bff Mary, if you don’t mind i will call u on Tuesday.”

I didn’t answer the text. 7:50pm I was at home, tired and happy, mission accomplished .