At least the very truth shared by 90% of men is that they hate using condoms. This is for some reasons and facts that we will put across. But frankly, “Why don’t women carry around there female condoms and protect themselves when need comes?”. Why would a lady accept sex with a man, then blame the man for not having used a condom when she also has a chance of using one?

With so many problems so easily circumvented, why do most men see the rubber strait-jacket as passion’s equivalent of nasty vegetables and dental floss?

Blocking pleasure-While using condoms, its very unsatisfying to a man for the blocked pressure during intimacy, this denies a man full pleasure at orgasm.

Emotional intimacy: Apart from the common emotional intimacy denied to a man during protected sex, We all know that most men find it very hard to multitask, with the preconditions and protection to concentrate on, many men don’t find it enjoying because of the concentration needed while having sex.

WHEN IT COMES TO PHYSICAL SENSATION, Sex with a condom may not be quite as awful as dining with a sandwich bag on your tongue, but the analogy isn’t that far-fetched. As thin as latex stretches, it still blocks a cardinal feature of sex: The deliciously slippery feel of skin on skin.

We must contend with the discomfort of actually wearing the things. A common lament here is that the rolled-out end of the condom is too tight—like an over inflated blood pressure cuff.

Another negative is that the guy must take a break from the action to suit up, This can and does evaporate the interest making the suiting up another process. At this point even ladies complained too. Research has shown that as many as 28 percent of guys will lose their erection while putting on a condom—and once it’s on, up to 20 percent have problems maintaining an erection during intercourse itself.

After having long sex with a condom, Given a chance to have unprotected sex, a man will still erect and do it like he did not do it at all.

My thought: If you don’t trust your girlfriend in taking care of herself, Get a better one.



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