It was now approaching 6:20pm, most of the time we discussed about Mary’s wedding. It was now time to break the ice about the text she sent to me. Ann wanted to know almost everything about me first before we make a deal.

I asked her whether she was a KDF like Mary, which she decline. She told me her dad is the one in the military, and the brother who died during the Somalia invasion. I felt sad for her.

She was now the only remaining daughter. Her parents are very protective to a point of putting a GPRS monitor in her machine, to monitor her movement in case of anything. She also informed me she was single and not ready to settle down.

When I asked her why she informed me, her boyfriend also died in Somalia and there is no reason for her to get married. She was now getting emotional. I felt it was now time to call it a day which she accepted we agreed to meet during the week.