After sending each other messages we agreed to meet early since it was an important meeting, the venue of the meeting we settled for Silver Spring hotel.

That is the day we had staff education day, it was easy for me to snick out early without being noticed. Around 2:25pm I snick out. I then sent Ann a massage that I was on my way to the venue.

She texted back  “Am also on the way coming.”

I arrived first at the venue. I was very hungry, I had not taken anything since morning. I kept thinking about the meeting and the outcome of the deal. It was approaching 4pm, Ann was still somewhere in West gate mall. I had already eaten the buffet.

I asked for a coffee to make me relax, I was getting nervous and impatient.

At 4:30pm, Ann arrived driving a BMW, that is the moment I realized am dealing with a rich woman.

We hugged each other, chit chat about the day. She was also hungry, she explained that she had a busy day hence no time to take something. I gave her time to take something, I kept myself busy with my phone.

Under the table Ann removed her shoes and placed her legs on top of my canvas rubber, I felt something running from my legs up to my head. I felt warmth and interested in more.