Ann was done with eating, it was now time to get down to the business of the day. We had to change our seating place to a far corner. I was now tense but I had to show off that calm face.

And the story started “Siku imekuaje” she started. When we were done with day briefing. “What do you want to hear?”, Ann asked smiling, “Do you have any questions for me?”

“Yes, I have one question”, I said “If I may ask, what you do for a living?”

“Oooh, OK”, She said nodding her head as she gets to the explanation.

Ann informed me she was one of the leading importer of designer bags, shoes and suits from Turkey, America, Dubai and Italy, she has 11 shops in major malls including the new one in two rivers. This lady is super rich, she also has a rental apartment in Ruaka, money is not an issue to her. Ann was those ladies who will attend almost every function in Nairobi. Mary my ex was also her co business partner owning 30% of the business.

I asked Ann why she haven’t moved from her parents’ home. Ann reminded me there was no reason to move since she was not getting married, that was out of question no marriage for her. But something was disturbing Ann and she needed trust from me. Ann wanted someone trustworthy with the deal.

I promised Ann whatever it is am in, in my mind I needed money, with a loan in the bank and job Sacco loan I needed money. Am in for the deal I told myself .