“I am approaching 31yrs, the pressure from my parents to give them a grandchild is stressing me to a point of looking for a sperm donor, since I had made clear to them that I will never get married after the death of my boyfriend in Somalia.” Ann said.

For a moment I went blank, Is that the deal I asked her? “sperm donor!?” I exclaimed.

“Yes, I want a sperm donor, all I need is a baby.” She made it clear.

With millions in the bank and businesses doing well, Ann assured me she will never need my support for the baby.

I was tensed. I was blank, things were happening very first. Ann was ready to give me time to think about the deal. She was ready to pay for it too. And cater for everything else like a lawyer to prepare an agreement.

In my mind the burden of loans and the money I have lost through gambling was disturbing as much as the situation was confusing. I knew this was the deal to recover my money.

Someone called Ann. At that point I got a chance to sneak to the washrooms so I can digest everything.

Inside the washrooms I looked at the mirror. I remember talking to my reflection. Telling it “This is the moment Nigga, you are about to hit a jackpot.”

“Wacha ujinga, go back there and take that deal. After all, how many sperms do you waste in those logging and ‘self-service’.” I commanded my reflection.

I went back calm and relaxed.



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