Part 16 : I Need a Sperm Donor…

“So, where were we?” Asked Ann
I told Ann there is nothing to think about, am in for the deal. We have to help each other after all, nothing to negotiate, let’s do the paper work. But I did not forget to ask Ann how much I was going to get for the job.

What Ann said shocked me. Money is not an issue I will give you 1 million.
Eeeeee” I went blank, my voice got lost I could not say anything.
Ann repeated “I’ll give you 1M for the job, or let’s make it 1.2M.”


“Yamoto Bendi bado ipo kama inahitajika”-Mh. Temba>

I was now shaking trying to keep calm. Ann told me if she can call the lawyer to start preparing the paper work. I Nodded. She called the lawyer who advised her we have to meet him two of us for some clarifications.
Ann was so thankful for my acceptance, she paid the bill and we left. She agreed to call me next day in the morning about the meeting with the lawyer.
That night I didn’t sleep. I tried everything to trigger the sleep, but it all turned out in vain. I tried taking Pilton, I tried movies, but no I couldn’t. I kept thinking about the money. Am a millionaire if things go well as planned. I remember turning almost 100 times in the bed no doze. The biggest cash I have ever touched was 650k when I bought my Subaru. It was the longest night ever.

That Morning Ann called me, it was on Friday Ann informed me the lawyer will be unavailable due to some cases he was to handle that day, but they agreed we meet him on Saturday in his office at Anniversary towers at 10Am.
Ann agreed to call me the following day morning. She was very jovial and excited. I wanted we finish this deal as quick as possible I needed that money asap.


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