Three days later we were back to the lawyer. We were given the document and ushered to the boardroom to read and understand the agreement. I thought the agreement will have three to four pages “weee!!” It was 54-page document.

All that time I was reading the document Ann was on her phone. I learned since Ann was the main subject the lawyer had sent her a soft copy the previous night. I was concerned with the payment and the implications if the deal never happens. Everything was well captured except one close which lawyer said he will capture. Since this was not the final copy.

About the payment the agreement states that I will be paid 700k before the deal. 200k two months after the baby is born, further 200k when the baby is 4months and 100k when the baby is 6 months. It also stated I shall repeat the process in case of miscarriage and if the baby dies before 6months.

About the issue of twins, the agreement state that the two party shall agree the extra payment. Hapo ndio nilijua kumbe lawyer wapendi ujinga they see ahead.

I was ok with the document but insisted they added a close stating I shall not take responsibility of the baby in case the mother die during the delivery and the baby survive. The lawyer agreed to do that and present the final copy for signing the following morning. We left the lawyer office fully satisfied .

We parted ways and agreed to meet the following day morning.