How to live up to your sexuality..


Not all people enjoy their sexuality. Its not all people who get to enjoy their human nature of their sexual orientation.

Some are biased with myths and misconceptions,  and others are hindered through the social expectations, and moral  approval.

Its like in medieval period where fear is bestowed upon, and freedom is but an expensive commodity on sale.

So here is how to live up fully to your sexuality.

  • First know your sexual orientation. Know where you feel your soul exploding and reacting vigorously. Its best to know what arouses you sexually. Know your taste. 
  • Secondly, inspect, scrutinize, and weigh. Be reasonable to what you find attractive, and sexually seductive.  You have got your taste, right, but then,  you have to consider if its not repulsive. Or rather if its worth it.
  • Thirdly, don’t be afraid. We are all explorers in this world. Its your body and feelings that should matter when it comes to sexual moments.

Take the bull by its horns, and venture fiercely. I know this is hard because of the societies that we are in. But, freedom is fought for. You have to show your preferences without fear or doubting yourself. Let go off the fear.

And fourthly, go. Attack viciously. Explode with all the mighty hormones that you have. Dehydrate yourself in moments of pleasure and undeniable sensations.

If its sex with your lover, explore furiously. And don’t be apologetic about it.