For the first time since I met Ann she requested to know what I do for a living, she only heard from Mary I used to be a footballer. I didn’t see that coming.

I told her am a supervisor and a senior machine operator kwa Muindi Inda, I also own two taxi cub and a sport bar Donholm.

“Oooh that’s cool.” Ann said.

Now Ann wanted to know my schedule where we will go the  two of us for the fulfillment of the deal. I told her wherever she wants I can always look for a cape goat. Mary wanted we go to Mombasa for three to four days, just two of us.  I wanted everything to end as quick as possible at the same time I didn’t want her to know how desperate I wanted that cash, I was playing cool. We agreed the following week on Tuesday all was possible.

She told me she will deposit the down payment on Monday morning through bank transfer. “Hapo akaniguza roho, akili na nafsi kiasi.” I gave her my bank details, in fact she took a photo of my ATM. We agreed to go by Air, she told me she will organize the air tickets the next day. Things were now going smoothly. It was my mandate now to plan the four days off. We didn’t have much to discuss that day, we agreed I call her the following day about the progress.