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Letting go isn’t giving up. Its not having a doubt on yourself, or having a moment of accepting defeat.
Giving up is totally a different thing. Its when gravity forcefully pulls you down even though you are still standing, and having no other choice than  your mind switching off to an end of a fight.
Letting go isn’t giving up. Its actually giving a challenge to the reasonable forces of nature.

Its giving yourself a chance to move on.  Its to forgive and accepting to forget.

Some people in our lives need to be let go. Its not because their worth has scaled below, but its because they dont participate in our growth. Its because they neglect, reject, and confiscate what we treasure most. They ignore our trust and love.

Letting go isnt running away from your problems,  its saving you from the worst. Its a relief that gives you a new chance to explore the world with no feeling of loss. Its a way of setting things right in a peaceful mode of accepting the true nature of both life and people.
When you let go, there is no guilt. When you let go, things seem to be at ease. Life seems to go on despite the worst that people have shown you.  Its actually a civilized way of giving yourself a mature realization of your growth. Once you let go of the worries and people, then you become free, and thus focus on your physical, emotional and spiritual growth.
So dont be hard on yourself. Just let go. Give in to the freedom of self realization and acceptance. Don’t think letting go is caring less,  or loving less.

What we hold on to sometimes drags us down. It pulls us to bad moments. Both guilt and hatred eats away the best in us. The spirit of prosperity is undermined when we still hold on to moments forgone, and those that are not helpful.

Keep in mind that not everything can be tolerated with. Somethings need to be withdrawn from our attention.  So if you think letting go is being afraid of what you face, then you are wrong.
Letting go is accepting to move on. Its accepting that sometimes, things need to be abandoned.
For us to be renewed, we need to let go of the past, and the unwanted weight pulling us behind.
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