Ann called me as promised, she told me she was able to secure a flight for two. The plane was to departure from Nairobi at 10:30 am in the morning. Everything was ready. Ann was excited, I was excited too, the deal was almost coming to an end. We agreed to meet at Hilton hotel in the morning. I told Ann I will leave my place at 8am. We also agreed to use her machine.

I called one of my cub driver and told him to pick me in the morning “niko na safari”. Everything was done it was time to call it a day.

Friday, I woke up at 6Am, the day is here and the deal is now in final round. I took a shower, called my cub driver and we left for the city Center. Ann also sent me a text, she was already done she was on her way coming.

7:45am my driver dropped me near KenCom. I could see from far Ann’s Range Rover parked near the Hilton entrance. I went inside and found Ann taking her break first. I hugged her and I too requested my breakfast. By 8:15 we were done with taking the breakfast.

Ann informed me we have to pass through her shop in Westgate mall, she need to pick her laptop and some few dollars for the trip. Outside Hilton hotel Ann requested that I take the driver seat.

“Oooh! I’ve never drove such a big machine, and again I don’t have my driving license on me, I never remove it from my Subaru.” I said. Ann insisted I should drive that there were no traffic police who will risk to stop a Range Rover. That he might stop a PS or a Governor. I gave in, the machine is complicated, most of the things are operated by buttons near the steering, in two minutes Ann took me through the basics. Am a quick learner and off we left by the time we reached Westgate mall I was a pro, you could think the machine knows me.

We went to the first floor of the mall where Ann’s shop was. Inside the shop was designer suits and shoes, “Weewee” the price tag from 50k, am used to 8k suits.  Ann was done, it was time to leave to the airport.

Something came up in my mind, I asked Ann about the Westgate attack. Ann told me that time she was in Turkey, all her employees were safe, but the shop was looted. She lost almost 700k. She learned importance of insurance cover. I was sorry for that. it was now approaching 9 am and any further delay, we might miss the flight. With a speed of 180kmphr by 9:40 am we were at the airport.

Driving a Range Rover vogue, to me the experience was out of this world.