We parked the machine and paid the parking for four days. Then we headed straight to the security clearing area. At the security desk area learned something new about Ann. She removed a small card and handed it to the officer in charge of the security that day he was a Kalenjin origin.

He wrote some details from the card and handed back to Ann with another piece of paper. With a baritone voice he told Ann, “Rete Rete mali”. Thats the time I realized Ann was a licensed Gun holder. All that time I didn’t know. She removed from her bag and handed it to him. A 9mm brown caeca phew. I took a deep breath.

The officer looked at it and said “iko safi namna gani..haya safari njema.”. It’s against the law to board the plane with a weapon unless you are the police on duty. You leave it at the security desk safe and receive it once your back. “Pesa ni mzuri.” .10:15am we boarded the jet ready to leave. Exactly 10:30am we were rising to 30000m above the sea level to Mombasa. Plane mode activated.