Five minutes of kissing, Ann was Grabbing and rubbing me everywhere, I did not let her down either, I was rubbing in her nipples and dropping sluggishly to her thighs and between them, I was hard erect, but no sex was reserved for the night. We unpacked our bags and arranged everything, we own the room.

I was the first to go to the shower, two minutes later Ann joined me. The moment I saw her tits I was tempted to hit one shot, I could not stop imagining me into her, but I maintained my innocence. We washed each other like babies for about 30 minutes. My erections were now refusing to maintain peace, I was burning to hit the target.

Done with the shower we planned the rest of the day schedule. We agreed to go out to the beach, then town center, then back to the room as we prepare for the night show down.