During the lunch time I knew that night I needed a lot of stamina and blood flow. My lunch was different from the normal one, as a man you have to prepare. I took salmon fish water Mellon and a lot of chili paper and bananas Plus kitunguu mingi.

Around 8:00 Pm, Ann claimed she was feeling hot and she started undressing, she was wearing a red thong.  The moment I saw that thong my dude was up, hard and ready to defend its territory, her boobs were now standing hard, my goodness the moment is here now.

I wanted her to cool down, I didn’t go straight between her hot thighs, I started by kissing her boobs, head down to the abdomen and up again slowly but sexy, she was now breathing heavily. She was calling on me, “honey honey pliz do it”, Without rushing I was on her back, kissing her back from the top down and up again. Ann wanted my short gun inside her. I said not yet and the foreplay continued for 40 minutes getting even more sexy, as I resolved to sucking on her wet nunu.