It was approaching 1pm Ann was feeling hungry same to me, we went down stair to have lunch. I told Ann we need a car for the four days, we wanted  freedom, we needed car for hire. We managed to get one through google. We went to their offices after lunch and secured a Premio for four days. It was now easy for us to move from one corner to another. Ann wanted to do some shopping.

Sisi hao Nakumatt Malindi. By 4 pm we were back at the hotel. We went to the room to change watu wavae vinyasa, it was time to go to the beach. At the beach i enjoyed when we were in the water because i had a chance to touch her again and even get my hands under her swimming costume. We had fan till late in the evening. Back at the hotel we had shower together, this time we requested for the room service. Hatutoki time was approaching for the game. We talked about so many things I cannot write everything. All that was to pass time.

Around 8:00pm…