I asked Ann if she was comfortable we try different style. Ann told me she was ready for everything, she was ready to experience, “you are the boss, today am all yours.” I made a joke to her that I had to ask coz I was dealing with a millionaire, she told me “hapa hakuna cha boss, we left that in Nairobi”.

“Haya twende kazi” we didn’t go back to bed, I told Ann to hold the window pane for bend over. I will be her guest from behind. What!!! Ann busted with laughter, we found ourselves laughing and laughing, to her this was becoming a movie. She laughed to some point then she said OK let’s do it. Mimi huyo nikaingia mdogo mdogo nikichapa. Ann was now enjoying every moment, around 40 minutes Ann said she was tired standing, I told her we can do it in the bed. Tukapanda mimi nyuma mdogo mdogo till Ann achieved Orgasm. Some few minutes I too released a shot that was So Sweet as I stared at her buts and imagined how deep I was.