When you go to the places that we used to spend time together,  do you  feel a spark?

Do you remember the happy moments that dwelled upon us?

Do you remember the light that shone upon our dear souls, and trembling bodies?

Do you remember how our hearts poured with love while we basked under the blue sky?

I wonder if you still think of me. I wonder if you still have my number.  I know i shouldn’t care, there are better thinks to do than to think about us.  But i cant help it. Did you unfollow me on twitter?  Or Instagram?

I wonder if you still have problem typing a text without errors.

I wonder if the delete button is all you press most when you text. I wonder if you still wake up in the middle of the night just to pee.

I wonder all these things because i still miss you. I’m not yet over you. Because i still feel like i have lost a part of me. Its like i have no soul. I’m just empty and hollow.
I know i shouldn’t have let you gone.  I should have held you close than ever.

But i was angry and afraid. I was hurt, and all i could think of,  was you being away from me. Not forever.
You left, and didn’t come back.

I think you have moved on.

I wonder if you have a new boyfriend.  I wonder if he is more handsome and special than me. Mostly,  I wonder if you love him like the way you did love me.

I wonder you still think about me.. I cannot stop wondering, because a part of me still wants us back.  My thirst of you is killing me. Its blowing my brains out.

I wonder if we are both having the same problems. If we are both thinking about each other, and how we miss each others breaths. How badly we wish to be together.  I wonder if you are writing the same article about me.

I really wonder if you still love me, because i still love you.


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