5am in the morning I was up for the morning glory, it’s the best sex ever, whoever discovered must have been a genius. I had told Ann about it, she had no problem waking her up. I went to the washrooms, came back, taped Ann to wake up. She also went to the washrooms.

Whoever discovered morning glory needs a toast. You don’t need to hold on, it takes time for someone to cum. (Mimi huyo) I started with normal French then after 10 minutes I lifted her legs up. She enjoyed to see how I penetrated her and that made her ‘Cum’. Then I changed by throwing her legs on the left and laying right behind her and penetrated her from behind, she was mourning very sweetly when I rolled on top of her as she laid facing down with legs apart. She raised her waist making me rise faster to orgasm. Then she mourned louder as i penetrated deeper nearing orgasm. In 40 minutes I was done and back to sleep. Ann told me to set alarm at 10am. We dozed off.