We went to so many places, by 4pm we were on the away back to the hotel, we arrived around 8pm, we were so tired. We went direct to the room to freshen up. We were so tired we decided to request for the room service. Food was brought to the room and everything else we needed.

I was there for a job and I was not taking any chance despite being tired. But Si saaana lazma ningechapa vitu. When we were done with eating Ann went to the bed, with her laptop. I gave her time to check her mails. The moment she logged out, I joined her in the bed, I kissed her in the forehead. My dude was now hard ready to work. We kissed for two minutes then I started kissing downwards, Until I was sucking on her juicy goods. Nikaingia ndaani, we sexed for like 30 minutes for one round, I added two then we slept.