Dear men.

In the dinosaur century men could do anything mean to a woman and walk Scot free but now things have changed.

The new millennium mamacita has been over empowered and the nation has seemingly created monsters out of some women “Westernization they call it”. Away from that cliche my advice to men is “usikubali kuchezwa”. So you have been married and taken care of your children only to realize at your menopause peak that none of the children were yours.

Its becoming a trend that women have become serial cheaters in marriages thanks to Hollywood. You flaunt your kid to the whole nation and when the same kid gets into trouble and needs your blood it becomes impossible because the joke of the day is that you were played.

Such Kind of events are turning marriage into a union people will fear in the future. Women were the pillars of the marriage but now they are the breakers.The world is changing, don’t just look at the innocent pretty face, spend time to know her before you get too engaged.

Are many great women out there it just takes time to get them. Choose wisely.