You will always get hurt, no matter how careful you are.

You will always get disappointed, regardless of only trusting those who trust you too.

The earth is spherical, so as it spins, everything goes with it. And  the funny part is that  gravity holds us still, but that doesn’t guarantee that our humanity isn’t  sealed.

Of course humanity is sealed.

In every Princess’s story, there is always a bad witch who curses her. In every story of two brothers, either mortal or immortal, one turns on the other.

Violence,  hatred, and other monstrous traits are within us. They crawl beneath and seek vessels to quench their thirst.

So if you think that there is happy ever after, then you are wrong. And I’m sorry for that.

The bitter truth is that no matter how truthful you are, someone will always lie. Someone will always betray.

Life is not always a two way road. You give and luckily receive, while sometimes you get nothing at all.

This is life, and the bitter truth is that it will stay like this till its will is done.

Even though she seems like the right one for you, disappointments always come along.
Even though you take an oath together, and promise to cherish each other till death do you part, still it wont guarantee that you wont break up. People tend to make silly mistakes. Silly mistakes which disappoint us completely.

This is the truth.  It seem a little negative afflicted,, but that is just it. Its the bitter truth.

Even if you think your wounds are healed, they will be hurt again.

We always stumble and fall,  because we repeat the same mistake again and again. We believe things will change. We believe in a happy ending.

How is it so that every time we get hurt, we get betrayed and broken? How is it that no matter how much love we give, some people are still reluctant to do the same?

So cold and unfortunate is this world of ours. The bitter truth is that we will always fall, cry and hate why we tried to change the bitter truth to some sweet lie.

To love and trust is one thing. The other one is to stand by it. Its to hold on tight, which not most people do.

The bitter truth is that we will always be in pain, we will always suffer, we will be broken,  simply because some people failed to love us back truly like we did love them.

They fail to acknowledge our devotion, that’s why life will always be bitter and rough.


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