Life is full of endless challenges and distractions.

Life is full of strange surprises that sometimes we get disappointed.

Human beings are survivors. We fight to thrive and have a better life disregard of the fierce problems facing us. We survive.

So what is it like to carry the weight of the world on your shoulder,  and just feel like nothing at all?
What does it feel like , when you stand tall in the midst of a tornado?

Being a hero is not just being the man of the hour. Its being the man of a lifetime.

A man who is in charge, and decides the course of his ship. Now that’s the man.

Being a hero isn’t about winning, or getting people’s attention.

A hero fights for a better world.

He seeks better ways to live,  he prunes out the  unwanted relationships, which are both physically, emotionally and spiritually. A hero seeks heaven.

It always feel great when you are called a hero. Being a hero is being in control. Its understanding yourself, and most importantly, understand the people close to you.
When you wake up in the morning, a new day is yet to be explored. A new problem is yet to be solved.

A hero cares, love and sacrifices. He saves.

Some heroes like to be anonymous. They hide behind the shadows, because they believe they are protecting  those close to them.  Well, that’s understandable, but not always.

Some heroes go out without a mask. They roam in the day and do their thing. They don’t care when it comes to caring.

They just want to save the world, and the people close to them. Heroes are defined with what they do, who they save, and how they do it.

You can be a hero today, tomorrow and forever. Or you can be for just a day.

To be a hero is to be in love with those close to you,  and also strangers.

To be a hero is to care even if you know there is no reward.

To be a hero is to always believe that you are capable of saving.

Its to sacrifice yourself for others, for her. I thinks that’s how to be a hero.

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