It started as an epic moment, where it seemed that all had come to reality. Long awaited dreams coming to reality, desires fulfillment , and at last,  having the guts to curse the lone moments.

Things became amazing. Life seemed to have meaning and a companion. A close companion.

Calls, texts and face to face conversations. Dates and hangouts, all seemed to be well. All seemed to be perfect.

Late night texts full of love and emojis. It was all amazing.

It usually feels that way with your girlfriend. It feels like you are attached to something special.  Something sacred.

She is the girl that you texted sexually. She is the type of girl that you can text all day without getting tired. It all seemed like you could go on forever, because you loved her dearly.
Then you started noticing a reduction in the number of words. The paragraphs in her text downgraded to one simple sentence. Then she stopped using emojis. Something was wrong, and you doubted.

From sentences to short words she progressed. Instead of “okay” she only replied “ok”.  Instead of “i love you babe” she demoted herself by replying “luv u”.

If you had no clue that the relationship was wearing out,  then im sorry. The love was fading.

The language of love, communication, was diminishing,  and it worried you. It made you run mad and ask questions. Her actions fed on the spark that had been ignited deep in your heart.

She could go a day without texting. Then three days. And a week passed. You became suspicious. Deep within you knew something was wrong.. You knew that someone else was pulling her, and keeping her busy.

And it bothered you.

When you tried to face her, she only talked for a few minutes, then departed. Leaving you surprised. Leaving you empty.

Days, weeks and months passed. There was no sign of her. No missed call or any of her texts.. Her shadow began to fade away. Her footsteps that lingered in your heart disappeared.

She became a stranger once more, and the reason for that, was blank. Its still is. Just like that she was gone, leaving not even a print behind, or a cloud of dust as she sped away in the darkness.

She just stopped loving you, and she stopped caring by not texting at all. She just stopped.

So how would you explain that??

How would explain that she just stopped texting?