Most of us think that  being free is being in control. Or rather having a complete say in what is happening to us. Having to decide what we want, how we want it, when we want it, and whom we would want to share with. 

We are obsessed with ourselves, and that’s the problem facing us. We have a problem in living a fully and enjoyable life. We have a problem in facing the damn truth that we are vulnerable when it comes to life.

So here is how it is,  life is in us,, but not the other way round. Being in us,  means having the ability to influence us, and control our everyday actions. 

Life is in control. It pulls the strings. It orchestrates the tunes and the melody. Life decides whether to rhyme or not.
Life paints an art, interprets by itself, and then puts in the gallery for us to see. 

We are nothing else but recipients. We get to receive the end product that life provides.

We get to see both the wrath and the blessing life offers us, because we are nothing else but victims. We are victims of life.

That’s how vulnerable we are. That’s how shitty we are. We are like a blade of grass, that trembles with the wind.

Life tickles us, teases us, pulls us, and finally, it pushes us.

That’s how life is.

So instead of having a hard time trying to overthrow life, and finally be God, try to be humble. Try to be patient.

We struggle each day to be the steering wheel in our lives. We fight to be the traffic officers in our life, so that we can confirm what to come along our way and what to let go. We seek to own our lives, and control. 

The nasty part is that even if we are able to live forever, we would still have no complete say to what life does. How life takes us.
We were brought in this life to live. Not to rule, and have control.

Life is in order, it weighs and balances. All we can do, is wait and hope for the best. Nothing else.
Take my advice and accept what the world offers. If it seems cheap and useless, take heart, and wait for another chance.

Life is like the mood swings that get to determine how we feel through the rift.

We just rock and roll through. Our responsibility is to experience life fully.

Through the summer and the winter. In the sunny and the rainy,we all have to experience that. We all have to taste the windy and calm. Its not our choice to make. It was already made for way before we  existed. Way before we saw the light of this world. 

Trust me on this one, its not up to us to decide what we want.

The menu is right there for us, but that does not mean we will get everything we order. Because life still has to make a choice for us. It has to decide whether if its ready to give in or not. 

Wait, that does not mean you should be afraid and subject yourself to intimidation and slavery before life. That does not mean we should take everything that life offers. 

Life is a challenge. Its a battle to be fought. If you don’t want what the world offers, feel free to get angry and refuse. Feel free to act and fight for your rights, fight for what you want.

Sometimes life is testing us. Sometimes it wants to see how far we would go. Sometimes it wants to see how strong we are. Sometimes.

Go with the wind. Let it carry you across, and show you the world. Let it take you all through.

Give in to the motions. Let them swirl you and shape you.

After all, we are just a bunch of imperfectionists who are in a boat sailing to the unknown. We just have to take heart, wait for what will come, and face it courageously.