Nothing was wrong with the document, all was well, it’s only that I discovered something. When I was reading the document most of the time, I was concentrating with the money. I never thought to check Ann ID, but this time my instinct wasn’t relaxed, it was trying to communicate something.

When I checked Ann’s ID part of the date of birth, I learned Ann’s birthday was in two days’ time. I said to myself, I must do something, she has been good to me. Even if it is a Rose flower I’ll  buy and make sure they are delivered.

Two days later Ann never communicated or sent me a text, I was worried. On the day of her birthday I left job at 3pm, I was on the morning shift, I went straight to town at the City Market. I bought a bunch of rose flowers, they were well arranged, bought a nice card. Just behind the Kencom building opposite Tumaini house, there is a G4s mail mobile track that is always there, I went, paid, gave them the address and the flowers to drop them to Ann. I went home, I was getting worried, we’ve not talked for two days, but I knew the flowers will brake the silence…Around 7pm I was still in the car wash…