Morning 6:30am I got out of work, the day was finally here, the day I have been waiting, the defining moment. The seed must be germinating or am screwed up. This time am more relaxed, psychologically prepared for anything. Nilingoja nikazoea. I hit Mombasa road at 180kmph, Sumbaru fanatics know what I mean, to us we don’t care on highway. Driving Subaru below 150Kmph on a highway to us ni matharau. 30 minutes got home, ready for the day ahead. Straight to the shower, the mama of the house ask me why today I won’t sleep a bit, I lied to her I had a date with a mechanic, the Subaru got a problem, if I didnt fix it that day the engine would break down. Mama akaingia box, she believe it.

At 8:00am Ann texted me ,I was relaxed expecting anything.

Ann: Hi, morning

Me: Hi morning too, the day is finally here.

Ann: Yeeaah! Am exited!

Me: Me to finally.

Ann : Le mi wake up! See you later.

Me. Cheers.

Done with my breakfast, the time was heading to 8:30 am not wasting any chance I left! Wacha nifike mapema, can’t risk Jam.