I was hitting Mombasa road at 180kmph! Reggae doing me justice, it’s about Bob Marley. The song goes, “Don’t worry cos everything gonna be alright”. I could see very clear ahead just near Hail Selassie roundabout a traffic cop was trying to flag me to stop! I pretended to stop! Then I passed him like a bullet! Kesi badae. Can’t risk I had a mission ahead.

At 9:20 am I was at Kenyatta market area looking for a parking. I loved that area, u can’t miss a parking space. I logged in my city council jipay app, I paid my parking. From my side mirror I could see a parking boy approaching my car. Those parking boys used to steal side mirrors and everything they could! That was then, they are reformed and very important with only 50bob and  your car safe till you return. I gave him Ksh 350 to keep my car safe.  It was heading 9:56 am when  I decide to call Ann.

She told me in 20 minutes she would be there, she’s stuck at university of Nairobi. I waited patiently…