20minutes became 40minutes, Ann was nowhere to be seen, tension started to build. At 10:15 I stepped out of my Subaru and leaned on the bonnet, after 5minutes, that’s when I saw Ann range coming slowly from the opposite side, from where I had parked. Without wasting time, I waved at her she saw me …

I hoped in, she told me she’s sorry for keeping me waiting, she didn’t expect the jam to be that serious. Ann told me to drive, we exchanged seats and we left, I asked her where we are going for the test. She said Agah Khan. Sisi hao teke teke.

Aga Khan university hospital, we arrived after 40minutes. I was now tensed at the same time happy it’s about to end. From town center to the hospital, the car was quiet, no one was talking but only Fm station which kept us busy. We went direct to the reception, we paid consultation fees and we waited to see, the tension was now reaching 107%, Ann was not smiling, she was in deep thoughts.

Our turn to see the doctor came, we told him what brought us, he wrote somethings I can’t understand, only doctors knows, in a small paper and gave it to Ann, she was told to go to the lab. We went, I did not enter, I was left outside the lab, tension..! what happened inside only Ann knows . No time for questioning, She joined me after 3minutes. Time to wait…



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