20minutes the Doctor called Ann, Ann refused to go alone, at that moment all the hair in my body stood still!

We went inside together the doctor was not saying anything, he was  just writing things with his bad hand writing!!

The doctor with his foolishness gave Ann the paper to take to the Accounts, pay and come back..!! What I thought ni results nkt

We went, paid came back, another client who was waiting just outside entered the moment we went to pay. We had to wait, Ann was holding my hand, we were talking in low tone encouraging each other hoping for the best. The client came out, we entered, time to know the results, the doctor went out, I thought he is just around the lab, he delayed for like ten minutes, then he came holding a file. In Agah Khan you are given a file.

He opened the file, looked at it just as simple as saying Abc the doctor uttered…..