As simple as saying Abc the doctor finally broke the news In my favor.!!

“Congratulations! You are PREGNANT!”

I almost shouted the F word. Finally, it’s over, it has caught Ann flatfoot! She was somehow shocked, somehow She dint believe or didn’t hear clearly. The doctor repeated “you are pregnant, I wish you all the best in the Journey of motherhood.”

Me: Thank you doctor.

We left, we hugged outside the Doctor room, Ann mood changed, the atmosphere became totally different. She is not saying anything as we were heading to the parking, I excused myself to visit the toilet. Inside the toilet i was  celebrating like a jackpot winner, I made it! Its over can’t wait to go home! 700k ndani first step gone.

I went back Ann was already inside the car, I notice she was not in the co-driver seat, she was setting at the back seat on the left. Her mood in pregnancy mode.

I too decided not to open the driver seat first I opened the back door, I joined her, I asked her whether she was okay. She said yes. I demand a hug. We hugged each other for like 2minutes, Ann said  her first word. “We made it,thank you ! Your the man”

Its approaching 12:30 I still had to go to work since i was supposed to report at 3pm.

Back to the driver seat. I ask Ann where we were heading next. She said sarcastically. “Twende pale unataka, I need to eat something.” Mood was completely changed then.

ME :Twende hoteli gani?.

Ann : Pali unataka.

This being probably the last time with her and that big machine.

I decide we go to The La -Mada hotel Thika road.