Off park road I took Thika road, Ann still setting behind, she was on her phone, the car was quiet. I decided to switch on the Fm station to break the silence, Diamond ft Harmonize song ‘BADO’ was playing, what a timing I loved the song massage. We arrive at La-Mada hotel in 25minutes.

We ordered food as we discuss the next move, my mind was at peace I could enjoy the dollars. Ann became joyful, she started talking, she was emotional, her dream was finally on course. Once we were done with eating, I told Ann I  was think it was my time to leave, have played my part as per the agreement and I wanted to respect the remaining agreement, I would see her after 9months, I pretended to be too emotional. With that smoothed tone like tears could pour anytime, I told her thank you for everything, I wish you all the best. We paid our bills and we left, this time Ann sat on the co-driver sit, I drove the machine to town no talking everything was different, it was over, the deal was done so many things running on my mind. We arrived where I had parked my Subaru and Ann hugged me and promised to let me know when she arrives home. For the last time I hugged Ann, I kissed her on the forehead. And I alighted from the machine.

I saw her leaving before I left, i was  now satisfied though with a mix up of feelings, all the goodies from Ann no more, I have dined in almost all the best hotels because of her. This is real, it’s no more.

I left the town center exactly 2:20 forty minutes i was supposed to be at my work station. Ann looking at me quietly, she said “Christian, “I have no word to say, all I can say for now, let’s hope for the best. Thank you.”