I arrived at work exactly 3:06 went straight to my locker I took the document and hugged it. Nika change nikaingia job..

Around 8am Ann called me, informing she arrived safely she was  fine, she thanked me again for everything.  She told me in two days’ time she would be travelling to Turkey to by stock for her shop. She requested if I don’t mind to drop her at the airport. I said sure why not, she said thanks. I’ll let you know.

After the call I was like what the fuck was that! I wanted the communication to be over because I was becoming her driver!

Morning came I clocked out of the work went home, in need of a sleeping.  

“Am tired my mind is a bit relaxed but tired of this story, I wish Ann could cut me off till 2018 when the baby is expected but from the way things look am imprisoned it’s too hard to resist, she is too good, too innocent to resist her wish.” I kept thinking alone!!