I woke up around 4am, took a shower and left for the town centre, kujibamba. I was not reporting to work again till the following day in the morning back to my morning shift. I went and parked near Kencom co-operative bank, went to the ATM to checked the balance to confirm whether my money is still there. The line was too long to wait people were busy withdrawing, I decide to come later. I decide to call my two friends to join me no one was available and my cub drivers has been faithful.


There were two people I needed to thank, my buddy who I kept changing his schedule to suit my pressure. I sat on a chair in  club doing mathematics how I would spend the 700k, I was wiser than before, I put aside 20k for Jemmoh, for his kindness to swap his shift with me. One hour later I was back at the Atm to check the balance, I dont know why I was afraid, three people at the Atm one by one their done it’s my time phew. I took a deep breath put the ATM card in the card slot, it brought me those service options I choose account balance. The machine responds, your request is being processed its take three seconds to respond finally it responded.


Waaaaaah oooh my God.!!!!