Am just human like any other, I remember at one point I had those negative thoughts about this money. What if Ann collide with the bank to reverse the cash? What if Ann organize people to abduct me and get the cash? After all I Just met her through Mary, but I kept giving her the benefit of doubt.

And here my fear is confirmed the whole amount together with my littler cash I had saved was in my account.

With a loan to pay in the bank, and Sacco loan to clear at Job am finally sorted. All the cash was intact ! Ann is a true friend. I withdrew 20k and left, happy in my Subaru Mombasa road heading home.

By the time I was reaching home Ann had text me twice I didn’t hear because of the loud music was playing. Ann wanted to let me know she reached home safe and she had a meeting with her mother , she informed her about the pregnancy and she was ok with that but I was not discussed or mentioned anywhere.

About the dad she said he will know later. She agreed to call me to take her to the airport On Tuesday.