On Tuesday 7th days since I started writing this story ,around 3pm when I login in I found a confusing inbox from one, let’s call him George for security purpose. And this is what the inbox said “.. Hi I want to meet you concerning your article I saw in Kilimani, we need to meet urgently! We need to discuss something important, if you don’t mind pliz call this number or send me yours al call back am good guy with good intention.”

Saitan.!!! What is this now!?

I called Ann she did not pick ,I texted she did not text back. Lemi suprise you guys, Ann has been following everything have been writing here, I remember our last night I told her one day I’ll share how everything went down for four days !

Ann laughed! she told me, by the way you can do it provided you don’t use my full names and disclose my car registration number, Ann is those ladies got no problem. She’s been following though not that much but this inbox ilinishtua …