The past is your road map

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Most people say that we should put the past behind us.

Most people  say that we should only focus on the present and the future. I am one of those people, and i feel sorry about it.

Most people think that when we let go of the past, then we are able to rewrite our life.

Maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong.

The past is like a reflection.  We get to see how we are. Even today and tomorrow is available because of yesterday. It’s the past that prepares way for the future.

Most people are wrong. You can’t put the past behind you, because it’s already behind.  What you can do, is not try to relive it, but trying to learn from it.

The best example is education.

Most subject  that we study ; Mathematics, Physics and History, are all of the past.

Only did the  great minds of the past, come up with formulas and discoveries. Only did the  great thinkers of the past, give a new reasoning and knowledge. How often do we study past stuff, especially history?
How often do people quote or refer from the past revolutionists, politicians and philosophers.? How often do we depend on Shakespeare to define poetry and plays?

The past is of importance as the future. It lays out the basis of the future. It gives direction, and predicts the future.

I’m done putting the past behind me, because i need it more that i can comprehend.

You can forgive easily, but to forget, it  takes much. I wouldn’t want to be ignorant on my flow of life. I want to know clearly the story of my life.

Mistakes are made, then we regret, or we don’t, but they are folded in the  past. They  remain there, you can try to make  amends , but the fact would still remain that you did a mistake, in the past.

You can’t put that behind you. You just can’t forget  that, and if you do, then it means you are ignorant.
The past is road map for us to know where your path is leading you to.

  The past is the road map that shows your stops, breakdowns and success. The past shows all about you, and dictates what may likely happen in the future.

This is what I’m going to tell you, don’t put the past behind, because you can’t. It will always catch up with  you, trying hard to show you how ignorant you are.

The past is the reference where we get to see where we went wrong, and where things were at our best.

It’s where we get a  review on ourselves,  if we are progressing to a good course, or becoming worse.

I myself have thought that being free of the past, is the actual freedom. I was  wrong.

Being free is to know where you were  weak, and where you were strong. It’s getting to know all about yourself. That means clinging to past for help.

The  past is gone, yet it affects our present and the future. So how  are you going to put that behind you. How are you going to forget what made you.

The past defines, and gives a clear understanding of what happened. It also gives clue on the remedy for the failures, and the  chance to applause for the best work.

The past is a road map, follow it wisely. 

You can forgive,  but don’t forget, because one  day in the future, you will need that same  spirit  for forgiving, to forgive again. And that means, you must always remember the past. 

The past isn’t gone, it’s just put aside for you to reach for

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