Am now a troubled man I don’t know what lies ahead, Still waiting for Ann to respond to my calls or at least answer my txt.

4pm break through comes in Ann calls me, she was in a meeting. I briefed her about George inbox. I send her the number and the message screen shot, she didnt know it .

Fuck!! I got tensed seriously.

Ann requested we hold an in-promtu meeting immediately to discuss the way forward, we agreed to meet at Intercontinental Hotel. It was approaching 4:30pm I grabbed a jacket and left.

Mombasa road the jam was building, am driving like a matatu driver gave me an inch space i would overtake you. Waaah!! jam jam jam !! I tried every trick to manover and at 5:20 am I was at Nyayo Stadium. The jam was big but moving while I was breathing heavily and sweating like a boxer on training!

At 6:10am I managed to reach Intercontinental, Ann’s machine was nowhere to be seen in the parking area ! I decided to call her, she informed me ako Uhuru highway kwa jam . What nkt

  1. I entred inside and ordered a coffee as I waited for Ann. I hateed George inbox just wanted my peace.

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