I arrived home at 10:30am. After being done with eating I sent George a message, accepting his invitation to  on Thursday 8/6/2017 morning hours, within a second George replied back.

George : Hi thank you.! Where do you want us to meet?
Me: Public place in an hotel.

George : Where exactly .

Me: Can we meet at Hilton hotel?

George : No problem, what time.

Me: Let’s say at 11:00 am

George : Make it at 2:00pm please.

Me: Okay deal.!

George: Deal, Can’t wait to me you man.

Me: Looking forward to seeing you.

George : Have a blessed night !

Me: You to,thank you !

Phew ! Lol George was giving me pressure I cant figure out with his mission. I texted Ann about our conversation, with George and she said, worry not would handle everything as it would come! I said thank you ! See you the following day.

Then I went to bed .


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