6:47 am Ann was finally there, we hugged each other and then I briefed her about the message. Ann asked me what I wanted! I told her I was confused whether to meet George. Few minutes of discussion  we agreed I should meet the Guy in a public place.

Ann would be on standby  just in case of anything we were not taking any chance Ann needed me I need her too since our contract still valid till 2018.

We left Intercontinental at 7:30pm heading home Mombasa road my heart was still troubled I decide to call my right man Jemmoh I request him to meet me at my pub, we needed to talk Jemmoh agreed to meet. Jemmoh was those kind of friends we all have who was ready to die for you,who would risk his life to be with you. I reached at my pub at Imara Daima around 8:12. Jemmoh was already there waiting for me .

I didn’t tell Jemmoh about the inbox message all I told him was I needed his back the following day. I had a meeting in town and it’s a land deal and with that era of abductions I wanted him to be close to me Just in case Jemmoh agreed, Jemmoh was my man .

We parted  ways but we agreed to call him in the morning to brief him about the time. I gave him 2k to buys something for the family. I was not taking any chance, I needed total security I called my two cub drivers and I also briefed them about the same issue, we agreed kesho tunandamana nao they have to be there am their  boss. I left City Cabanas around ten.


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