When you have the time and energy, then nothing stops you from being incredible.

No more back seats, and vague dreams. You have the spirit to explore the strength that flows in your nerves, so don’t shy off taking a step into the stage. And light up the fireworks into the sky.
Your voice is all you have got. Let the world know you are expandable. Ignite the spark inside, and let the world see you blazing with fire. There is a little star inside you struggling to burst out, and twinkle across the sky.

Let it out.
There are a million possibilities, a trillion choices, and  quintillion paths just for you. You stand between light and darkness. It’s your choice that dictates where the compass should point. If you failed, try harder. If you fell, pick up the pieces and wipe the dust off. Embrace the bruises on your face, and keep your beating heart strong.

The end game is far away, so make the best out of yourself. There are a million possibilities out there next year. Take hold of them and see which fits you. See which makes you incredible, and contributes happiness to your life.
Let the sparks burn with fury to a monstrous flame. Let the stars twinkle bright across the gazing sky. Let nothing hold you back to explore next year. There  is just plenty for you to choose.

You just have to dig in deeper.

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