Dear Santa Claus


​Dear Santa ,

I’m heartbroken. Completely displeased with what you have repeatedly done these past years. I’m human, and i deserve full execution of all that is bestowed for me.

There are moments that i need someone close than ever. There are times i need some refreshed, and strange cuddling from an unfamiliar soul. Sometimes all i need is recognition from a charming soul.

But you understand all that. You seem quick-witted.

All these years i have suffered. From the start of the year, to its end. Whats worse is that i have been all alone. Dark moments have accumulated inside me sedimentarily, and you, you just watched sedentarily. Probably.

I’m much different from you Santa. Your tranquility and charms motivates you to arouse a festive season in spite of any chaos. Your responsibility seems to precede you, and i totally respect that.  Unfortunately, i become unstable when stumbling on adverse grounds.

I write this with ernomous pain hoping that you will relate to what i feel. You have done your bidding by granting gifts to souls. Mostly children. You have made fame out your generous deeds.

Like God, people have been praying to you. Seeking the desired bulk gifts. You need to know that I’m among those people. I have tirelessly wanted to sing because you answered me. “Na na na na, i got a gift from Santa, na na na na, Santa loves me.”  But you deprived me of that. I have been praying solemnly, and calling out in the dark for your name. But you seemed preoccupied with other souls, hence you left me melancholic.

You failed me Santa. I longed for you till the end of the year, but you disappointed me. You never showed up.

The least you could have done was bring a gift to show that you listened to my wishes.  But that was a great mountain to you, so you couldn’t climb it because you were stuffed up with gifts for other people.

Sometimes i tend to think you deliberately ignored me because I’m way grown up, and i seem full of myself. 

That’s not it Santa.

I’m in need of your gifts. I have quivered since the start of this year, waiting for  your arrival. I have had dreams of you Santa, dreams of you bearing gifts for my weary soul. 

I have written letters for you Santa,  but i gave them to the flame for revision thinking that you will come. Now i have written one which will go to the world, fly through the sky and space until it reaches you.

Stop cloaking yourself the wait of the Messiah. You are supposed to visit souls every December bearing gifts. I’m waiting for you and this might be the last time holding on to that sacred obsession.

All i need is  for you to show up, and for that, you’ll have granted the joyous sensation in my life. Im not looking forward to your reply, because thats not the intention of this letter.

I want you to know that im so eager for you to show up since i want to hear your excuse for ignoring me.
Yours faithful