Life Lesson Of 2017


At some point in life, we have to let go of what we so much believe in.

We have to let go of what we call principles and standards.

At some point in life, we just have to give up all that we have worked for. We have to destroy the walls and boundaries around us to usher in new things.

We have to, because letting go is not realizing what you have to do, but rather allowing it to happen.

We have to. All this, in an effort to embrace the world as it is. No more sugar-coating the harsh truth of this planet, and the people in it. No more turning a blind eye to the plain manifestation that is right before us. No more holding on to what is enslaved to change. No more hoping, and waiting for the things to be the same. Because they won’t.

Seasons change, time shifts, and us, we are to go with the rhythm.

Life is strange and full of surprises. One moment you are in; feeling comfortable like home, then later, you tabooed. Cast out.

Tables are often turned, and new rules are made. When there is chaos in growth, progress and evolution, then revolution is inevitable. Change, is inevitable.

Unfortunately some of us seem to be stubborn. They don’t accept change, because they don’t give it room. They are not expandable, since they are contented with the conventional life forms. They have suffocated themselves with what they believe in, and they are not willing to disapprove that.

We can’t blame them, neither condemn. Time will tell. Time is their teacher. All we have to do, is wait. Time will tell.

For us to fly in the clouds, we have let go of what burdens us.

For us to grow, then we have to embrace the future. With all that comes along. Hoping and surviving. For us to survive, we have to be inclined to let go, and let in new things.

We have to survive. We have to let go.

The past is gone, but it has not vanished. It is in space. The future, which is yet to come, we hope for.

And the past, which lies on our hands, matters. Because we mold it through the extent of our choices and desired actions. Through the capability of our strength, the present is determined.